Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home from chemo

Today's appointment was in the afternoon, so we got home later than normal. (The Bassens picked up both Katie and Cooper from their respective schools and took care of them until we returned to Frisco.)

The treatment was uneventful -- always a good thing! I worked a little, and Steve napped a little. We visited with one of Dr. M's nurses, who is leaving next week for another job with another hospital. She has been responsive, pleasant and helpful, and we're disappointed that she's leaving. But she's moving on to a bone marrow transplant floor and will no doubt be a blessing to those very ill patients.

As we were leaving the cancer center, Steve said he craved a banana split. We pass a Braum's on the way to the Tollway, and I was happy to stop to fulfill his request. It was a lot of food, which he somehow managed to gracefully eat -- even with a bum arm -- on the long drive north.

Steve started the day tired and seems even more so now. We both expect that the next few days will be difficult. He's had just one dose of Carboplatin before today, but that one was long lasting and memorable, causing fatigue and nausea for about a week.

Still, we're thankful for the chemotherapy and for another shot to damage the Damm Spot.

As always, we're most thankful for another day.

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