Monday, March 9, 2009

Applause! Applause!

Neighbors Phil, Denna (organizer extraordinaire) and Tisa -- integral members of our awesome support network

Yesterday's neighborhood blood drive in honor of Steve was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who donated, tried to donate and helped organize the fabulous event.

More than 80 people arrived at our amenity center to try to give blood during the six-hour drive. Fifty-eight units were collected!

Steve and I continue to be overwhelmed with the generosity and sweet spirit of his support network. We are touched that so many friends and even strangers took time from their weekend activities to stand in line, fill out forms and get stuck by needles.

Steve's Carter BloodCare account should be inching toward 100 units! And just think of the many lives you all are improving and possibly saving with your donation.

I gave blood for the first time since 1991 yesterday. As I get older, I become more fearful of needles. When I have blood drawn for physicals or thyroid checks, I look away from the needle, take lots of deep breaths and imagine that I'm lying on a beach.

Yesterday I did all of those things, but I also imagined the pain that Steve has endured for more than a year, without complaining, without self pity. My 30 minutes of discomfort is a tiny blip compared to everything he has faced and conquered.

Shannon, Carrie and Liz -- three great friends who donated blood Sunday

The next scheduled blood drive in Steve's honor is at Jim and Betty's church, Schreiber Memorial UMC, 4525 Rickover Drive, Dallas. You can stop by anytime between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 22.


Stephanie McVay said...

If anyone wants an appointment for the Schreiber Drive - e-mail me at and I will put you on the schedule or let you know the closest time available to your requested time. Thanks.

Laura said...

You are surrounded by such an incredible network of family and friends!