Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home from work

Steve successfully returned to the office today. He started the morning at the Carrollton clinic, then went to lunch for his boss' birthday, then worked out of the Plano clinic.

He was exhausted when he came home. So tired that he took a nap while four children, ages 3 through 7, ran around the house shrieking and laughing. (My best friend since eighth grade, Melissa, and her two daughters drove up from San Antonio to visit Dallas-area friends during spring break.)

Then he woke up, ate dinner and worked some more. He'll need to rest all day Saturday to be prepare for our adventure that begins Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Glad that work went well. I hope you'll bring back sand and shells to remember your great beach adventure!

Mary S.

AriknMia said...

Hi Tyra,

I'm a fellow Dallasite and am totally inspired by the strength and courage of you and your family.

This summer, my husband and I are biking from Vancouver to San Diego to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

We are riding in honor/memory of those fighting and lost to cancer and will write their names on our jerseys so they can ride along with us.

We'd love to ride for Steve. Please let us know if you'd like us to.

Be well,

Arik and Mia