Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reduced swelling

After we learned Monday afternoon that Steve doesn't have blood clots in his leg, we were so relieved -- another crisis averted.

Dr. M's nurse and I talked about continuing to search for the cause -- maybe an underlying cardiac problem? In the meantime, Steve was instructed to elevate his left foot as much as possible.

On Monday I also called a massage therapist we've used before, to schedule an appointment for Steve. I thought she'd be able to help him relax and maybe help address some of the swelling.

She arrived yesterday afternoon and spent more than 90 minutes with him, gently applying pressure and moving his limbs. When he stood up and used his walker to leave the room, his leg was moving a little better and his knee wasn't locking as badly.

When Steve woke up this morning, I peeked at his feet and was amazed to see that his left foot is much closer to normal. There is still some swelling, but it is not nearly as disfigured and puffy. Plus, he has a little bit more mobility in his left hand.

I called the therapist right away to thank her for the work and schedule another appointment for next Tuesday. Steve and I are so happy to have found an alternative therapy that makes his life a little easier.

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