Monday, March 23, 2009

Another fall

While Steve was getting ready for bed last night, he had another tumble. He was using his walker when he fell backward into a dresser and wall.

He didn't break any skin and isn't sore today.

He seems to fall when he's especially fatigued. We've talked about how he needs to plan his motions and think through each step. I am doing my best not to worry about potential falls, but I'm also on high alert status, especially in the middle of the night.


Tuesday morning we'll go to UT-SW for blood draws then return home to wait for results.

If his blood counts are high enough -- and we're particularly watching platelet counts -- then we'll go back Wednesday afternoon for the next cycle of Carboplatin and Avastin. If the counts are too low, we'll take a week off.


In other health news, Cooper has been struggling for the past week with severe allergy symptoms. On top of congestion and itchy eyes, yesterday he broke out in hives that subsided with Benadryl but returned about 11 p.m. I gave him another dose then, knowing that would make the first day back to school after spring break difficult.

He woke up in barely enough time to get ready, but he was in no condition to actually go to school. He was groggy, itchy on his face and neck and all around miserable.

We saw his pediatrician this morning, who prescribed eye drops and another allergy medication and said Cooper also has a cold.


Every day we continue to rely on the strength and kindness of others. Today was no exception.

Meghan took care of Katie for two hours this afternoon. Zena brought a lavish homemade dinner. Sharon arrived just in time to help get Cooper and Katie ready for bed and to clean the kitchen after dinner.

We're continually surprised with sweet e-mails, notes and acts of kindness that truly lift our spirits and remind us of life's abundant blessings.

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