Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beach bound

For weeks Steve has been daydreaming about the beach.

He wants to sit under an umbrella, with his toes in the sand or water, reading a book and drinking a smoothie.

On Sunday, his dream will come true.

He and I are flying to Palm Beach for a little getaway. Jim and Betty will take care of Cooper and Katie.

Julie helped us find what seems to be the perfect resort. We need a direct flight to a domestic location (Dr. M has forbidden Steve from traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean) with excellent health care facilities. We need a beachfront hotel that has an easy path to the beach -- no flights of stairs.

We'll spend three nights at The Breakers, which undoubtedly will be the nicest, fanciest hotel we've ever visited.

With lots of advice and help, I think we have a good plan to get Steve from the house to the airport to the hotel. The hotel is renting a wheelchair for his use, plus he'll have his walker (yet to be named -- have you voted?).

We plan to relax for three days. We won't leave the hotel grounds. We'll enjoy the reassuring peace of the ocean and each other's company.

(I also wrote about the trip for today's Briefing column. Click here to read it.)


Tracy Kosofsky said...

You do know you are going to be an hour away from us, right?????? We totally understand if you DO NOT want visitors, but if you are up to it we would love to see you! :)

Jackie said...

I'm so excited for you, I can barely stand it. You're going to love it!!!

Anonymous said...


I loved your column. You have captured the feeling all of us have of measuring our expenses and making deliberate choices. But many of us do have choices. I am thankful for that.

And I am so thankful you and Steve can have this getaway. Bon Voyage. I hope the sun shines exactly as you need it to!

Chitnis and Chahal said...

Your column was awesome. We all need to do these things to make little changes in our lives.

I am highly supportive of the beach resort plan, you deserve it. Don't sacrifice it for anything in the world. You are right, planning and saving is good for the future but you will gotta celebrate living. Great job! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I loved your column, too. I hope you have a wonderful time. :)

Anonymous said...

The column is wonderful, Tyra, and so are your vacation plans. May they meet and exceed Steve's and your fondest wishes!

The column is a reminder that even though we all need to be cautious and prudent these days, there are occasions (and people) for which/whom splurging isn't just appropriate. It's a must! The memories are worth 10 times what we might spend in the process.

Go! Enjoy! Savor!
Mary G