Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Steve

For the past two weeks Steve has been going to outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy for up to six appointments a week. That's six hours of physical exertion under supervision, plus the exercises he does at home.

Jim or Betty have been taking him to many appointments, giving me time to work and take care of Cooper and Katie.

I took Steve yesterday and was mighty impressed, though not surprised, with his progress. The staff pushes him beyond his comfort level -- yesterday he even cried a little from two of the exercises. He leaves exhausted but happy.

During PT, I sat back in a corner and worked. I had a great view of all the activity in the gym. Every one of the patients is recovering from some kind of surgery, injury or disability. And they all work harder and push their bodies further than most "able" people I know. It is truly inspiring to be among so many determined folks.


Steve is receiving Avastin at the cancer center this morning. On our way into the elevator, we saw Dr. A, our radiation oncologist from many months ago.

You may remember him as the doctor who startled us when he said, "The unfortunate thing about this tumor is its location."

Every time we've seen him since, he comments on the tumor's residence in Steve's brain stem. This morning was no exception.

He hadn't seen Steve since last summer. Steve's condition has obviously deteriorated since then, so we explained that he's on his third chemotherapy regimen.

Dr. A shook his head, patted Steve gently on the shoulder, and said, "You know, the tumor is in an unfortunate location."


Steve's skin is showing signs of long-term Decadron use. His legs, especially, are taking a beating. He has two new wounds on his left calf -- both from seemingly innocuous motions.

One of Dr. M's nurses stopped by today to look at his skin. She'll let us know what Dr. M recommends, if anything, to help.


jhuckaby said...

That is so amazing, I'm so glad Steve is doing so well. I know it's hard to push yourself, but the rewards are countless. We love you!!!

Frank (Uncle Jim's friend in Houston) said...

You guys are awesome, Tyra and Steve. You and your whole family and circle of friends inspire me daily when I check this blog. My next marathon will be for the Damm's!!!

Are you sure you didn't run into Dr. A-hole at the elevator? (I couldn't resist)