Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CT results and more

1. The CT head scan reveals no bleeding at the tumor site. Thank God!

2. With that news, he will resume the Heparin drip sometime this afternoon. We don't want to give the Damm Clot any time to get bigger or develop new, equally damaging friends.

3. After further review of the lung scans from Monday, there is reason to believe that Steve has an infection in his lungs. He'll start antibiotics for that today. And more labs will be run today to determine what kind of infection, if any, it is. An infection could explain his overall fatigue, slow response rate and general feeling of awfulness.

4. Dr. G and his team said they will continue to keep a close watch on Steve. Dr. G re-emphasized the difficulty of treating a pulmonary embolism while also dancing around a brain tumor.

1 comment:

Daria said...

Oh my what a balancing act ... wishing Steve all the best.

My thoughts are with you as you go through this difficult time.