Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Steve's had some difficulty with reflux after meals today. He's being as careful as he can be. Small bites, careful chewing of soft food, sitting straight up, tiny portions.

Still, he is struggling with stomach acid coming up after he eats. After breakfast, quite a bit came up and out of his nose and mouth. He had a less trouble at lunch but still had acid in his throat after a tiny meal.

We are doing everything we can to avoid another aspiration episode. Stomach acid is particularly damaging.

Starting today with every meal he's going to take Reglan. Plus he'll continue Pepcid and Nexium.

Steve and I and the doctors feel more comfortable with another hospital night. Steve and I both wept over the decision. We miss home, Cooper and Katie and furry Margie terribly.

But we don't want to take unnecessary risks. In addition to the acid trouble, Steve is battling more fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath than yesterday.

Aunt Ami will bring Cooper and Katie to the hospital for dinner tonight. I don't think she can sneak Margie in -- she's too wiggly and barky.

We pray that another day brings Steve relief and rest.

It would be super wonderful if we're all home together Thursday, for our 15th wedding anniversary, and Friday, for Cooper's eighth birthday. But if that isn't possible, we'll find a way to celebrate here at St. Paul.

St. Paul, after all, is where Cooper and Katie were born. It's not London or Paris or Legoland (all places we'd planned to be this week at one time or another), but this is a joyful place.


Laura said...

Sending good thoughts your way and hoping for a return to home tomorrow. No matter where you are, though, tomorrow will be a wonderful celebration of such an incredible couple and their amazing love.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's that St. Paul is a joyful place. I think it's that you're a joyful family, and you take that with you wherever you go. The world needs more Steves and Tyras and Coopers and Katies.

Melinda Merschel said...

Ditto what Laura and "anonymous" said.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get Margie to bark into the phone. My family actually put my cats on the phone for me once! Thinking of you all as always.