Sunday, June 14, 2009

Living a life that includes cancer

On Saturday, while we were waiting our turn at the bank, Cooper and Katie decided to play house in the lobby.

Katie, who may get a bit of the bossy gene from her mom, said, "Cooper, I'll be the mommy and you be the sick daddy." And then she pushed Steve's walker toward him.

Later that day, after I woke from an unusual afternoon nap, I decided I needed to go to the doctor for upper respiratory symptoms. (I have a cold -- not a big deal, but I wanted to be sure to get anything contagious under control while caring for Steve.)

After I returned home, Cooper was clearly concerned.

"Mommy, what if you get cancer? Who will drive us places?"

I explained that cancer is rare and that it's unlikely that I'll develop it. Then I washed my hands (cold germs, you know) and gave him a big hug.

Steve and I don't like that our children have these worries, but it's our life. And we're happy that they're comfortable enough to express their emotions in whatever way they can.


The stolen identity/check fraud process continues. We've closed our bank accounts and started fresh. The $999 that was taken by someone posing as me will be returned sometime during the fraud investigation process. Monday I'll re-establish account links with creditors and file a complaint with the Dallas Police Department.


I have beautiful photos and videos from Friday's choir visit that I plan to post this week.

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