Friday, June 12, 2009

Week in review (short version)

Katie and Tyra attended a swim party/picnic.
Cooper went to VBS with a friend.
Steve went to OT at the Sprague clinic.

Photo shoot with Jen.
Cooper went to a friend's house.

Katie went to a friend's house.
Cooper went to a friend's house.
Steve went to OT at Sprague, lab for blood draw at Simmons, and PT at Sprague.

Cooper had a medical appointment.
Cooper, Katie and Tyra made ice cream sandwiches at a friend's house.
Tyra ate dinner out with girlfriends.

Steve went to OT at Sprague.
Someone stole my identity and $999 from our bank account.
Church choir came to the house to serenade Steve and visit.

And in the middle of this, Steve and I both worked from home. All of this was only possible because of folks like Jim & Betty, Liz & Layne, Mary, Wendy, Kelly, Nita, Debbie, Brandy, Julie, Jen, Suzy, Melissa and Mary G -- friends and family who cook for us, drive for us, take care of our children, organize events and more.

We are incredibly blessed, and our hearts are full with love for you all.


Laura (from UM) said...

Thank God for a "normal" week for you all. Outside of the identity theft (which really sucks!) it sounds like a great week for everyone. Really happy for you all because you deserve it!

Chitnis and Chahal said...

first chance to check the blog in the past week. glad to hear things are going well. sorry about the loss of cash from the bank, hope you got that fixed.
love to steve, kt, cooper and you.


Sweetest Whimsy said...

OMG! Just checked FB and emails post-trip and soooo sorry the id theft has happened to you. You're handling it very well, as you do everything else! :)