Friday, June 26, 2009


As of today, Steve is free from IVs. He started taking oral antibiotics today, and yesterday the Heparin shots began.

Today I actually gave Steve the Heparin shot, under the supervision of his nurse. I'm certain my heart rate was too high, but my hands were steady and I successfully gave him the shot. Steve said it didn't hurt, so I feel less apprehensive about doing it again tomorrow.

Because he's free from IV drugs, doesn't require additional medical tests and is stable, we expect to be able to go home Saturday.

Before we leave tomorrow, we're expecting a visit from a hospice representative. We hope to set up hospice services soon at home to provide some help for Steve and relief for me.

Steve is eligible for hospice because he has a life-limiting condition and won't be receiving chemotherapy for a while. (We've known that Steve can't resume Avastin. In addition, his body is too compromised right now for any sort of chemotherapy.) If he's able to resume chemotherapy, we would discontinue hospice.

The hospice agency we're meeting with has an established relationship with Dr. M, so they're familiar with brain tumor patients and families.

There were many bright spots during the day.

Aunt Ami (who arrived Wednesday and is staying with us for a week) brought Cooper and Katie to visit this morning. Cooper was able to show Steve his hat covered in swap 'ems from this week's Cub Scout twilight camp. Katie showed off some coloring work.

Dr. G and his team visited for a while. Steve entertained them with his one-handed Thriller wave, created last night during Will's visit. (Steve picks up his non-responsive left arm with his right hand and moves his left hand to mimic the late Michael Jackson.)

Julie dropped off lunch for me. Noel and Bonnie and I chatted in the lobby while Steve napped. (They also brought a bag of Starbucks goodies.)

Melinda and Corey treated us to a fabulous steakhouse dinner. Steve was especially happy to be back on food. He loved the filet, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and bread pudding.

Jim, Betty and Uncle Jim stopped by for a late-night visit.

The very best will be when Steve and I are home again with Cooper and Katie.

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