Friday, June 5, 2009

Today and tomorrow

Steve seems to be handling the effects of yesterday's treatment well. He's had no nausea. He's tired, but that's normal for him now.

He has his first outpatient PT and OT visits this afternoon. Cooper and Katie will spend a couple of hours with Grandma and Papa, and we'll spend a couple of hours back at UT-SW, this time in the gym at the Sprague Clinic.

Tomorrow is the big event! Thanks to amazing volunteers and generous sponsors, Kick the Damm Spot promises to be an awesome day!

Some reminders:

While you're there you can:
  • Kick for three minutes to raise money for Steve (kids who kick will go home with some great prizes!)
  • Sponsor a child who is kicking for Steve
  • Donate canned goods for Frisco Family Services
  • Volunteer at a goal
  • Bid on silent auction items
  • Visit with friends
  • Donate blood
  • Meet professional athletes
  • And more!

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