Sunday, June 28, 2009

Share a Steve story!

One of Steve's fraternity brothers shared with me a nice note he'd written Steve this week. One of our Bledsoe friends sent a note about her first Damm family memory, which includes Steve.

I thought it would be fun if others shared a Steve story -- great reading for Steve and for those who love him!

You can e-mail me at or just post a Steve tale on the comments.

Thank you!


Andrew said...

Hey there Steve (and Tyra) ... you guys probably know this, but you are partly responsible for my eternal happiness. As you remember, Joel and Cheryl got married on the South Rim at Big Bend National Park. Your passenger that day as you made that VERY long drive? One Pamela Dunsmore, my future wife and mother to my beautiful daughters. Thank you Mr. Ferryman for bringing my life to me. Hang in there buddy. God loves you, and so do we!

Tyra said...

A note from friend & neighbor Debbie Pasha about Steve:

"I remember in both Ms. D and Mrs. Brinlee's classes that he had a true talent in supervising the crafts at parties that dealt with food decoration! He kept the kids from reaching into the candies, and other treats being used to decorate cupcakes, etc. all the while making it a fun experience for them! He looked like he was having fun with it too!"

Tyra said...

A note from Jan Dove Guscott of
Aurora, Colorado

"When Steve and Jimmy were little, I came down to Houston for the summer. I think they lived in Spring. I was kind of the big sister they never had, and although I lived in Denver we were close for a long time. I can still remember the house. Jim and Betty were gone for day and a storm came over Houston. It was the worst thunder and lightning storm I have ever been through. The boys and I huddled together in the living room and watched the lightning and told stories. It seemed like the storm lasted for hours, but I am sure that it was relatively short.
I even had my own room in their house while I was in college and a key to come and go. The boys were so active, it seems I almost never saw them. But I remember Houston having the biggest bugs I have ever seen. Jim used to keep a giant size bottle of bug spray handy. The boys were never phased and laughed at my sincere fear of these giant roach like bugs.

I’ve known both Steve and Jimmy since they were babies, I have read the blog every day with a catch in my heart for the super human strength and love I am witness to through Tyra’s words. Please know that my prayers are with you all every day and my love – always…"