Friday, January 4, 2008


Steve's symptoms have been accelerating since he returned home. We think the increase is from the edema (swelling) around the lesion. Each day he is able to do less with his left arm and hand, and his speech is markedly worse. Last night he began a new course of steroids -- oral Decadron. We are so hopeful that his symptoms will begin to respond right away.

The four of us are having a family portrait taken this morning at the photo studio we use for the kids' annual birthday photos. Bob, the photographer, has known us since Cooper was 3 months old. We've never attempted a group photo with Bob -- we just rely on the church directory photo sessions for those, and the results have been mixed. In the last one, Katie was just less than a year old. We each are looking in a different direction. Some of us struggled with a genuine smile. There are some hair issues. Today should yield better results!

I am behind on all the thank-yous, and good gracious there are a lot of them. I'll work on those later today, I hope. You all are an inspirational group.


Anonymous said...

We hope and pray that the steroids help! Good luck with the family photo. I hope it goes well! I know what an adventure they can be. We're praying for you guys constantly, and would love to help out in any other way we can. Can't wait to see that picture!!

Jon, Heather & Preston Hinton

jhuckaby said...

You're the inspiration. Your wonderful support, beautiful family and strong faith are an example to all. You're constantly on my mind and in my heart. With so many offers of support, I'm not sure you can find room for everyone, but if there's a vacancy or a need, I am there! And you're always in my prayers.
All my love.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see your family together for this photo. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Much love,
Michael Taylor