Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holding steady

Since we've been home from Houston, Steve's symptoms have been mostly steady. He's walking well, talking well and eating well. Today I noticed that his gait is a little unsteady, but it's minor so far. His headache pain, with Tylenol, is at a 1 or 2.

His vision is worsening. The right-side peripheral double vision is much worse, and he's having trouble seeing clearly at a distance, even with his glasses. The distance problem is probably because of the Decadron, which can change the shape of his lenses.

We've been enjoying the weekend. Matthew, our longtime friend from Lubbock days, is in town from Florida. He accompanied Cooper and Steve on a Cub Scout outing to the KERA studios yesterday. He also went with the whole family to see the new VeggieTales movie, has been wrestling Cooper, playing with Katie and helping with guided reading and assorted chores.

You all continue to make our lives easier with meals, cards, calls, prayers and visits. Thank you!

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