Sunday, January 6, 2008

Overwhelmed, but in a good way

The past few weeks have been more active than usual around the house. So many helpful friends and family members coming and going -- delivering food and care packages, walking Margie, taking Cooper and Katie for play dates, stopping by for random chores and moral support. All of that activity has brought tremendous joy amid such uncertainty.

Still, nothing prepared Steve and I for the bustle of activity outside our house this afternoon.

Our front yard and sidewalk were suddenly overflowing with friends and family, representing a huge group of you who donated money for Steve's care. They presented us with an oversized check (think Publishers Clearing House) of a most generous, unbelievable amount written to "The Damm Family" for "whatever you wish" from "all of the elves."

It felt like a made-for-TV movie or a Hallmark commercial, but we certainly weren't as articulate as a scripted production. I think I managed a "thank you" for both Steve, who was overcome with emotion, and me.

The scene was just so beautiful. Children -- our own and so many others we love -- were running and playing up and down our end of the block (it's as if someone ordered pleasant weather for the afternoon). Clusters of friends offered the best hugs, continuing words of encouragement and endless offers of help. We felt completely enveloped in love and compassion. As Julie wrote me a few days ago, "We love you guys and if warm thoughts and prayers alone would take care of this, Steve would be better already!"

I can't imagine a better send-off before our journey to Houston, which begins tomorrow night. The money, of course, is appreciated beyond description (and we promise to spend it judiciously). The symbolism behind the gift is really the greatest gift -- the significant reminder that we are part of a community that cares beyond measures and that is so willing to make sacrifices to help others.

As I re-read the list of donors, I am reminded about what makes each one of you so special to us. Our family is indescribably honored and blessed to be part of your community. "Thank you" doesn't seem to be enough. So, in addition to our thanks, let's count on us sharing good news about Steve as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Tyra, Steve, Cooper, & Katie -

You are in our prayers as you journey to Houston tonight. There is a group of Bledsoe Moms who prayed for you all this morning. We pray safety over your travels, wisdom for each doctor that you see tomorrow, healing, and protection over your family. Psalm 56 promises that God knows all your sorrows and tears. May Psalm 37 bring some comfort as well.

Most Sincerely,
The Young family
(Cooper's classmate - Sidney Young)

Brown family said...

Steve and Tyra ~

May you find comfort in one another and strength knowing that you have people praying for you non-stop. Your family is our number one prayer right now. You, Tyra, are an inspiration to me, as I read your words of support and the courage you and Steve are showing. I know God is with you on your Houston trip and at home with the children and your aunt. Love,
the Browns

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful send off!

You are an inspiration and an example of how to graciously (and gratefully) handle one of life's greatest challenges.

Here's hoping tomorrow is filled with caring providers, safe travels, and good news!


Lori Nolen

Anonymous said...

Steve, Tyra, Cooper and Katie -

You all are in my prayers each and every night.

I'll send up special prayers in the morning as Steve is having his procedure. May God grant you his peace and a speedy recovery after surgery in the morning..

Sheri Bostick