Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quiet day

Steve was discharged this morning, and we've been spending the day in our room at the adjacent hotel.

Symptom update:

  • His sense of taste is improving. He's better able to distinguish salty, tangy and sweet foods.
  • His double vision is slightly improving.
  • He's still unsteady on his feet, which we attribute to his vision difficulties.
  • His head pain is at about a 3 on the 10-point scale.

Family and friends update:

  • Jim and Betty helped us settle in the room, shopped for plenty of fresh produce and prepared foods for our lunch and journey home tomorrow, kept us company and then flew home. Betty bought Steve an M.D. Anderson ballcap for his head (he can't wash his hair until next Friday!) and us brain cancer awareness bracelets. The official brain cancer awareness color is, appropriately, gray.
  • Brother Jim spent the night with Steve again, allowing me to sleep in a real bed, and helped us in the hotel this afternoon.
  • Damm family friend Rob Cook surprised us with a visit last night. His father, Charles Cook, was a beloved minister and the man who married Steve and me in 1994. Rob shared some great stories about Steve from high school and youth group days. He's now a general surgeon in The Woodlands and one of many trusted resources we've consulted through this process.
  • Cooper and Katie have had an eventful weekend. Yesterday Cooper enjoyed a playdate with Dylan and an impromptu sleepover with Cade. Today they both bounced around at Connor's birthday party. (Thanks to Byron for shopping for the party gift!) Sharon and Sarah have been spoiling Cooper and Katie tonight. Sharon and Sarah arrived with dinner and gifts and let Ami have a few hours on her own.
  • We had hoped to visit with both Jayshree and Swati today at the hotel, but I canceled their visits. Steve and I are both exhausted and wanted a few hours on our own before returning home. I think I've run out of adrenaline or whatever has been propelling me the past few days. We took a long nap and ordered room service for dinner. We're keeping a close watch on the South Carolina primary (Nevada just isn't that exciting) and will watch a movie soon.

We are thankful for Steve's steady improvement, for the help you all are providing and for constant prayers, good wishes and the potential resources that continue to fill our in-boxes.


Anonymous said...

I am going to want to get some of those gray bracelets so that I can have a constant reminder to pray for Steve, as well as for you, Cooper, and Katie. Like so many others, the "Dolphins" family is here for you all. Get home safely.

Phil, Jen, Reilly, Emma and Halle

Anonymous said...

Trya, the Astro (t-ball) family is praying for you all and thinking about you. Have faith that Steve can be healed and we will beleive along with you.

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Anthony and Christina Cordova
Cooper's T-ball coach.

Liz S said...

Hello neighbors!

So glad to hear y'all are coming home!!! We too went looking for bracelets and found some grey ones at Choose Hope.

Have a safe trip and we'll see you soon!

Layne and Liz

Joe Gulick said...


Thanks for the updates. I enjoy reading the comments -- you have some great friends, they sound like my kind of people.
A friend of ours, Carolyn Lockett (she was the wife of my wife's principal years ago) had pancreatic cancer with a bad prognosis. It has been in remission now for at least 3 or 4 years, no sign of the cancer at all now. Carolyn's quote: "God is in the healing business."

Yes he is. I believe someday one of your great friends is going to be telling a story like this about Steve. So Steve is going to need to get a cool quote ready (I don't think Carolyn will mind if she borrows hers......)

Goodnight, and God bless you.

Joe Gulick

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyra,

Thank you for the timely updates on Steve and have a safe jounney home. Out thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Joan & Russ

Nancy K. said...

Re: the gray bracelets.

I just clicked on the link below and it's got a glitch ... So, here's a direct link to where you can purchase bracelets for $2 each (you may need to cut and paste the link):

Nancy K. said...

Um ... Make that the link ABOVE -- in Layne and Liz's comment. (I failed to notice these comments are posted first to last.)

Anonymous said...

Just a message to tell you our thoughts and prayers are with you!
The Wheelers