Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making life easier

As we focus our efforts on fighting the tumor (now officially known as Spot), we continue to give thanks for the countless selfless acts on our behalf. As before, this isn't an inclusive list -- my record keeping and memory are, understandably, not at their best right now! Please know that every act of kindness is making this journey much easier.

Jim, Betty and Jim: Took care of us during the Houston biopsy experience, providing hotel, meals, running errands, whatever we needed. Betty this week stayed with Cooper and Katie while we were in Houston. Brother Jim shuttled us from Hobby to the hotel this week. And he helped with projects around our house this weekend.

Ami: Arrived for the third time in four weeks -- this time with no notice -- to take excellent care of Katie and Cooper, leaving her own sweet family behind. She spoils us when she's here and ensures that the household runs smoothly.

Betty's Lunch Bunch friends: Paid for our most recent Houston hotel stay and meals

A group of anonymous donors from our church: Sent a generous check to help with expenses

Kelly S: She picks up laundry and returns the clothes the next day clean and folded

Melissa: Researched, purchased and shipped a spare car seat for our growing Katie

Mike: Helped Cooper craft his first Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts

Bruce the Boss: Helped with crowd control at this weekend's Pinewood Derby

Mary MT: Provided tickets to Houston and a pleasant ride to the airport

Sally: Flew us home Friday, allowing us to spend much of the afternoon with our babes

Jen: Showed up at our front door at the exact moment I needed a hug

Leslie and Stephen: Surprise delivery of fresh berries

Bledsoe staff and family: Continue to provide outstanding care and support to Cooper and our family

Transportation for Cooper: Beth B, Bill and Cathy, Christie, Laura, Liz and Layne

ECDP (Katie's preschool) staff and family: Offering a stable, loving environment for Katie

Don and the HCUMC staff: Instant availability, counsel and wisdom

Lori and Ray: Tracking down records, driving Steve home, keeping him involved with work

Children's and PFC friends: Who have been patient with Steve's status and available for research and advice

My many bosses: Who haven't yet complained (at least to me!) about sometimes missing deadline

Carolyn and all the DI moms: Took over the Destination Imagination team that I had been coaching

Mary and Lorrie: Took charge of our adult Sunday school class

Meals and more from: Jan and Lou; Mary MT; Zita and Andy; Lorrie and Tom; Kerri M; HCUMC choir; Jennifer and Ryan; Joel and Theresa; Carole; Debbie; Ron and Celeste; Nicole; Mary and Kevin; Layne and Liz; Holly and Bob; Will and Holly; Kris and James; Bunco girls (and I know I'm missing so many other excellent cooks!)

Help around the house whenever I've asked: Julie and Andy, Sharon, Beth B, Liz, Allison, Amy, Meghan, Denna, Betty, Will and Holly, Mel and Greg

Prayers, behind-the-scenes scheming, cards, advice, gift cards, letters, phone calls, notes, fruit baskets, books, stories of miracles, people to contact for advice on treatment and past experiences from many listed already and so many more of you

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