Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still waiting 2

It's been more than an hour since the nurse's rounds. We still haven't heard from Dr. L. Can you tell that my anxiety level is rising? We're taking lots of deep breaths and saying lots of prayers.


Andy said...

Hang in there Tyra. We are all keeping the prayers and positive thoughts flowing your way.

Andy Fink

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyra,

We're still with you even though we are up here.

Love, Lorrie

Anonymous said...

My psotive thoughts and prayers are with Steve, you and the doctors right now.

Kevin Stahl

Laura said...

Keep positive thoughts, Tyra. Picture your sweet babies at home and your handsome husband. You'll hear from them soon. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

So often the greatest miracles are performed when accompanied by the strongest faith. I'm praying that the Lord's hand is upon all of you and His comfort and love surround you like a warm embrace.

Love Denna

Anonymous said...

Lots of well wishes and prayers are headed your way. We hope you hear something soon.

Lori, Jennifer and Erica

Anonymous said...

Tyra and family - our prayers are with you right now. I wsa praying for you and had not lookd at blog in a few days. You have just been on my heart today. Know that God is with you and more importantly, the peace of the Holy Spriit which surpasses all understanding. He has already been where you and Steve are headed and orchestrated His perfect plan. Find comfort in knowing He and He alone has all the answers. Love, the Mangos!

If Amy needs help or a playdate tomorrow, have her call us (214)455-3702!


You are a gentle and loving man. The world is a better place because of you! Remember to pull your strength from the Father - He will get you through!