Monday, January 21, 2008

Steve's new 'do

Had we thought through the biopsy process a bit more, we would have shaved Steve's head before the surgery. After the biopsy, he had two strips of bare scalp on the back of his head, surrounded by regular Steve hair -- hair that can't be washed for eight days.

Yesterday Ami (a former professional and still occassional hair dresser) used scissors and clippers to even out his hair, while I was careful to protect the inscision sites from stray hairs. The result is a very handsome Steve. (Cooper says his Daddy resembles Andy now. Andy has offered his services for maintaining the look. Wes, who keeps his head bald and shiny, can also provide assistance.)

His head pain is changing. The constant ache at the back remains, plus his scalp seems to be waking up, post biopsy. He has more sensation, and therefore more pain, at the incision sites and the halo sites. His vision is getting better. Today he is walking without assistance for the first time since Thursday. The double vision is still there, but it lessens a bit each day. We just don't know which symptoms are temporary, as a result of the biopsy, and which are related to tumor and swelling.
Ami stayed another night to help us settle in, run more errands, clean, move food to the new fridge and freezer, give us lots of hugs and take care of us all. Everyone needs an Aunt Ami.


cooperdsuncle said...

I'll be off to the barber tomorrow. We brothers have to stick together!

Jim (aka Cooper&Katie's Uncle)


There is a special place in heaven for Aunt Ami! Since I know her personally, I totally understand the relief you've felt having your kids in her loving care. :)

Steve, we love your new 'do! We continue to pray for you all and send happy thoughts your way.


Stuart said...

Steve and Tyra - glad to hear that y'all got home safely and will look forward to tracking your progress. Great haircut!

Laura said...

Wow! Love the do!

Glad you're home and settled in.