Monday, January 21, 2008

Really cool

Yesterday's drive home from Houston went by with lightening speed -- partly because I drove a bit faster than I should have, partly because it was a clear, sunny day (no dark fog like on the drive down there) and partly because of Jayshree's company. If you know Jayshree, you know what I'm talking about. She has an infectious cheerfulness and ability to talk about anything.

So in no time, it seemed, we pulled up in front of the house. Steve and I had to compose ourselves for a minute. Being home, about to see the kids for the first time since the surgery and results, made the reality that much more real. With some assistance, Steve made it inside and rested.

I eventually opened the garage door and notice our refrigerator was standing where some shelving usually stands. Of course, then I had to investigate the kitchen, where I discovered a new refrigerator with a single note on the front -- a list of Dallas Morning News family members who pooled their resources to buy us the nicest new side-by-side refrigerator.

Apparently Aunt Ami, when asked, had mentioned to Will that we could use a temporary freezer for the garage, to store all the wonderful meals we've received and stock up on the superfoods Steve needs to fight the tumor. Within a few hours, Will, Sharon and Sarah had received enough contributions to buy us a second fridge.

So now we're able to stock up on all the goodies Steve requires (phytonutrients are the tumor's enemy) and shop less often -- we'll have room for so much more. And I can freeze some of the dinners that are delivered for "rainy days."

Steve and I are continually amazed by all the blessings coming our way.

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Anonymous said...

Pardon the pun, but that is beyond cool!

- John Wise