Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More opinions

Steve and I aren't comfortable waiting four weeks to be seen again. His symptoms are growing. The difficulty swallowing and slurred speech are back, his gait is a bit unbalanced, his left arm is weakening. He couldn't finish giving the kids a bath tonight -- he has trouble reaching and grabbing.

We have an appointment Monday afternoon with the Presby-Dallas neurosurgeon we visited the day after the first MRI reading. We also have an appointment Tuesday morning at M.D. Anderson in Houston.

We have loved being home again. Cooper started assembling his new 934-piece Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts set. He beat his Daddy in a game of Harry Potter Scene It. Katie has crafted beautiful creations from Play-Doh and modeled her pink princess costume. We've all been reading books together, eating meals together, playing with Margie together. It's oddly normal considering everything else we're worried about.


Anonymous said...

Yay for second / third opinions! More brainpower!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyra, I sent you an email as well but I wanted to make sure you received this. I am a friend of Steve's from high school and I heard about his condition from a mutual friend today. I live in Houston and I wanted to make sure you know that our home is open to your family. If you are coming to Houston for tests you are welcome to stay with us. Just look for my email for the details. I am praying for you all and Steve it was great seeing you at the reunion and I have faith that I will hear great news for you. Marilie Coulson

Anonymous said...

Tyra -
Please send our love to Steve. Chris and I think of him and talk about him daily. Please let him know him and your entire family are in our prayers. If there is anything we can do, please don't hesitate to call....
We check the blog daily for updates. You are amazing for doing this... Great job...
Sheri Bostick & Chris Dougherty

Mel and Vera said...

Tyra and Steve,

I'm with you on the second opinion. Speaking from not so serious an experience, it is so much better knowing specifically what you are fighting. Our prayers, thoughts and anything else we can give are with you, Steve and the kids.

Regardless of the diagnosis, this CAN be beaten.

Mel & Vera