Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Radiation tomorrow

We have a change in plans because of some worsening of Steve's symptoms. His voice has become weaker and more hoarse. His double vision, which had been improving slowly since the biopsy, got much worse overnight. His right side is tingly, a new symptom altogether. And he feels more fatigue than "usual."

He spoke with the neuro-oncologist's RN and the radiation oncology resident today. The resident decided to have him come in tomorrow for radiation, instead of trying to treat the symptoms with an increase of steroids.

He already had an MRI scheduled for 10:15 a.m. Thursday. He'll keep that appointment, and then we'll just wait around for the radiation therapy, whenever they can work him in. He won't start the chemotherapy until next week.

Thank you to the many of you who have already registered with our "Damm Family Helpers" site. If you're still interested, you can log in here. I'll be adding additional volunteer opportunities, especially driving shifts, over the next few days.



Steve, we are so sorry that you're feeling worse, but glad that they are acting quickly to get you the treatment you need. Sending you lots of love and prayers up I-35 to you for tomorrow!

Melissa, Dylan, Thalia & Carys

"auntie m" said...

Spot needs some obedience training! It (he?) has a lot of nerve acting up now!(Sorry - I wasn't trying to be punny.) I'm so sorry your symptoms are worse, but very glad that radiation will start sooner than planned. I hope it goes well and makes a difference ASAP. All the Hockings send their love and constant prayers to you all.