Monday, December 29, 2008

Back at work

Steve felt well enough this morning to go to work! He's working a few hours in the office today and hopes to repeat that Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

He hasn't had a fever in a couple of days. He's had no adverse reactions to the antibiotics. His left side is still sluggish, but he's able to walk and move his left arm. He felt well enough to attend Sunday school and church yesterday -- the first time in more than a month.

We both are comfortable with the PICC line/antibiotic process -- it's become routine. Every morning and every night, I clean the line with saline solution (salt water, as Katie calls it) and attach the bag of Vancomycin (the good buggies that are chasing away the bad buggies, as Katie says). About two hours later, I remove the bag and flush the line with more saline and then Heparin.

The home health RN was here Friday to apply a new dressing around the PICC line. She'll return to do it again Thursday.

On Friday, Steve will return to the UT-SW cancer center to receive the next dose of Avastin and CPT-11, two weeks and a day behind schedule. We're both eager to get back on track.


Tracy Kosofsky said...

Terrific news - go, Steve!!! We're thinking about you and checking in every day.

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly awesome, Tyra. I am so glad Steve is doing so well.

It sounds like Katie has a pretty good understanding of things! She's such a little sweetie!

Jennifer B