Saturday, December 13, 2008

Run for Steve runners

Steve's parents and brother hosted a lovely and lively pre-race dinner this afternoon. Many of the Run for Steve runners were there. Pictured above: Tyra, Steve, Sally S., Allison E., Randy L., Sharon G., Melanie D., Lisa C., Andy L., Paul D., Greg W., Stuart C., Jim D. and John W.

Mark T. was out driving the course and missed the group shot. I told him I'd "Photoshop" him in later. I overstated my skills. So here he is, on his own.

Here's another group shop, with many of our children added, plus Liz Smith (on the far left), the organizer extraordinaire and team captain of Run for Steve: See Spot Run.

Updated with Mark!
As Layne often does, he swooped in and made things better. Here's the group photo, now with Mark.

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