Monday, December 8, 2008

Symptom update

It's hard to believe that we are just five days removed from Steve's treatment. His symptoms are so much improved. In fact, he felt well enough to work in the office for a few hours and again when he came home.

His left arm and hand are almost as responsive as his right arm and hand.

He's tired but closer to his "normal" exhaustion level.

His walk is much steadier. It's actually less stable today than yesterday, but it's still far better than Thursday.

His voice is weak, probably weaker than Thursday, but he's blaming part of that on his parade exuberance.

His cough, which was wheezy and slightly crackly this weekend, is better. After talking with Dr. M on the phone yesterday, he started using a rescue inhaler, which has helped.

Dr. M cautioned us that as the tumor cells die, they expand and release toxins. So, some of his symptoms could worsen again before they settle again to a manageable level.

We have so much to look forward to during the next few weeks -- Christmas parties, the marathon, special celebrations. And now we look forward to the next round of Avastin and CPT-11 on Dec. 18. Out Damm Spot!


Sweetest Whimsy said...

So, so glad the symptoms are easing up a bit for you, Steve! You just have too much fun planned for this month to be worrying about that. :) Happy December to you all!

Laura said...

Absolutely fantastic news! Any symptom relief will feel wonderful I'm sure. Continuing to pray for you everyday per your pastor :)