Thursday, December 18, 2008

Divided Damms

After Steve was delivered to his room, my frustration level peaked. There were no orders upon his arrival -- no instructions for the nursing staff, no permission to access his port, no orders for the IV antibiotics, no clue about when a CT scan of his chest would be scheduled, not even permission to administer Tylenol.

Plus, his temperature was 102.

His RN did the best she could with limited instructions. I wandered the floor, asking questions, then paged and spoke with Dr. M about the lack of a plan.

I had to leave before anything could be resolved, and I was not comfortable. Steve was in good hands, though -- Mary M.T. was left in charge as I drove north to pick up Katie and eventually Cooper.

Mary called about an hour after I had left to report progress. He had received drugs and was on his way to imaging for the chest scan. (They're looking for something that an X-ray might have missed.)

Betty then arrived to relieve Mary. Then Sharon arrived with dinner for Steve and Betty. (We love many aspects of St. Paul but know from experience that the food there is awful. Really inedible.)

After Sharon left the hospital, she called to tell me that Steve was in great spirits -- he was cheerful, completely lucid and able to move his left arm. Oh, what a difference 12 hours, rest and IV antibiotics make!

I am home with the kids, who are asleep after their exciting day. (Katie sang in her preschool program and celebrated Christmas with her class. Cooper spent the early morning with friends and the whole afternoon at the Bassen home.) Steve is in his hospital room. Betty will be with him until Jim can arrive (after an evening board meeting). Jim will spend the night -- and sleep, we hope -- on a sad little cot.

Big thanks to Frisco paramedics, Layne, Liz, Holly, Bob, Andy, Zita, Julie, Pastor Andy, Mary M.T., Aimee, Carol, Angie, Kevin, Sharon and Melissa S. for help today.

We look forward to some answers (or at least eliminated culprits) tomorrow and to Steve's continued progress.


Chitnis and Chahal said...

Had just had a long chat with Steve on facebook. Sorry he got sick but glad you could take him to the ER right away.
Hope everything turns out ok tomorrow. Remember that you can always page/call me on the cell if anything is amiss. I can find Drs easier than patients can. Although Dr. M seems like she is always accessible. Please don't hesitate to call me. I would rather you call me, than Steve be left without attention for even a minute. Take care and our prayers as always are with Steve, you and the children. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Tyra and Family,

What a week you've had! I'm praying that Steve will be strong enough for his treatment on Monday and get to spend Christmas at home with his lovely family.

Tyra, thank you for your brilliant posting, which lets me keep up with my old (not because he's 40 - some of us have a birthday soon too) high school friend, Steve!

Sending positive energy your way, Meghan Franzke