Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home for a few hours

Steve and I arrived home this afternoon just in time to greet Katie coming home from preschool. (Grandma Betty almost always picks her up for us, driving three days a week from North Dallas to Carrollton to Frisco and back to North Dallas.)

Steve has rested this afternoon and is starting to hobble around a little now. He is so much more unstable today than just two days ago. Part of that may be because of poor sleep the past two nights, despite sleeping pills. The poor sleep may be in part because of the increased steroid dose. He's up to 6 mg of Decadron a day -- a huge jump from the 2 mg he'd been taking for months.

We are eager to get this next treatment started and to see some results. We expect to spend most of Thursday at the UT-SW cancer center: labs, meet with Dr. M and then the introduction of toxins begins!

I'm happy to report that Steve's sense of humor is still intact. Of course, he's emotional about this latest turn. But he never fails to amaze me with his wit and appreciation for the quirky.

I want to share two things that always make us laugh.

First: A riddle that Cooper "invented."
Why are thermometers so good in college?
Because they have so many degrees.

Second: A video of Katie dancing a couple of weeks ago.


Julie said...

Awesome Dance Moves!

Anonymous said...

Keep that sense of humor, Steve! Laughter is the best medicine! Besides, God has a sense of humor -- He created us, didn't he? The late Christian comedian Grady Nutt, a personal friend, said pious people who have no sense of humor "look like they were baptized in pickle juice." We're praying for a healing miracle -- Out, Damm Spot!
Roy Jones

Anonymous said...

With the holidays upon us, I remember my Dad and his struggle with glioblastoma multiforme 4. You have achieved so many goals with integrity, strength and love. Keep setting goals for your life and I pray you achieve the miracle of getting that damn spot out :-) Debbie & Derek