Thursday, December 4, 2008

Live from the infusion room

Steve has been reclining in an infusion chair for more than three hours and is doing well.

His nurse was able to draw three vials of blood from his new port -- so much easier than the needle sticks he usually endures. Those labs showed that his counts are enough in range to start the new treatment plan.

We reviewed possible side effects and remedies with Dr. M and again with a pharmacist. Then they started him on a saline solution, Decadron and anti-nausea meds.

The Avastin drip began sometime after 10 a.m. That will be followed by the CPT-11 (chemotherapy) drip.

The room is comfortable. We have a television with VCR and DVD player (he's watching Major League right now) and three visitors' chairs. We've already hosted our first guest! Pastor Andy spent more than an hour with us and closed our visit with a beautiful prayer.

A few steps away is a refreshment room, stocked with juices, Ensure and Boost. (Steve prefers Boost -- he thinks it's more youthful than Ensure.)

Steve is layered with warm blankets. He's wearing a gray stocking cap and maize and blue gloves (Go Blue!). He looks "cozy rosy," as Dr. M said when she walked in.

Dr. M expects that Steve will be severely fatigued tomorrow and perhaps throughout the weekend. By Monday he should be feeling much better, she says.


Melissa said...

At least you didn't get stuck repeatedly by needles for blood! Hoping and praying any side effects are mild and that you get lots of rest this weekend.


Natalie Willis said...

Ports are way easier for blood work than attempting venipuncture every time.

Zofran and Ativan are your friends. Make sure you use them before you really feel like you need them. It is easier to stay in front of the nausea than to try to get back in front of it.

You are all full of strength and beauty and grace. You are wrapped in lots of love and prayers on the outside.

Thinking of you guys today and always!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tyra and Steve. My name is Liz and I am the Leave Administrator here at Children's. Steve and I have communicated several times over the last few months. I have been following Steve's progress through your blog. I know that you all have good days and bad days. On the bad days, I want you to remember that you are touching lives with your story more than you can imagine. Your optimistic spirit and faith in God is truly a wonderous thing to witness. Thank you for sharing your deeply personal journey with all of us and letting God speak through you. I am praying for you! Take care.

jhuckaby said...

I commented this on an earlier post, but wanted to repost here to gain as much momentum as possible.
You are in our prayers. I am so sad to hear this. I'm not sure how many folks read the comments, but if it's okay, I'd like to repeat a small message I sent to Tyra a few weeks ago. A challenge, maybe. During our church services a while back our pastor asked everyone in the congregation to shout out their own names, after the count of three a very loud, undecipherable noise burst out. Then he asked that we all shout out the count of three. And the sound was clear, crystal. This exercise was supposed to show how much more clearly we can be heard by God when we shout in unison. I would like to suggest that everyone say a prayer for our dear, dear friend Steve at noon each day for the next week. That gives everyone a chance to pray in unison, a collective shout for Steve and the entire Damm family ... in Jesus name. Just a thought, I hope everyone can join in.

Anonymous said...

Steve and Tyra,
We are all sending you good thoughts and prayers from your friends at Childrens'
Kathy Speer