Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Live from St. Paul

Steve and I are on the sixth floor of St. Paul University Hospital. Betty just arrived, too!

St. Paul is the site of great moments in Damm family history. Cooper was born here in July 2001, and Katie made her debut here in June 2005. Will, our dear friend who introduced us, was born here in May 1969.

We're in a room on the cardiac floor. Nurses have reviewed his medical history and have hooked him up with a Heparin lock for the IV he'll have going during the procedure.

He'll be in the procedure room for about an hour, where they'll place the port in his chest. (We keep saying "installed," but that makes him sound more like an automobile than a person.) He'll return to his room, and the staff will monitor his vital signs for an hour or two. Then we should be able to go home.


Anonymous said...

"Install" that port and get the A&C cocktail flowin'! Out Damm Spot!
Prayers and love,

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers & good thoughts your way. I know you have so much support, but wanted to offer any help I can give....

Jennifer W.

DogBlogger said...

Keeping you all in prayer in the UM Reporter newsroom today. And Glory Be!