Thursday, December 4, 2008

Worn out

We are home from Steve's first dose of the first cycle of Avastin and CPT-11.

Resting in the infusion room, waiting to be released

Steve has had no adverse side effects so far! He is exhausted, though. He napped for about an hour. He's now sitting up in the comfy green family room chair with closed eyes, listening to Cooper read a G.I. Joe comic book aloud to Grandma.

He'll keep a low profile tomorrow, watching for signs of nausea. He also needs to be extra cautious with his balance. Dr. M says that fatigue, stress, medications and now the new treatment PLUS the growing tumor are affecting his balance and left-side sluggishness. He needs to get caught up on sleep and let his body rest so he can be safer when moving.

This week wouldn't have been possible without help from so many selfless friends and family members. No one has hesitated to help with Cooper and Katie or to help around the house or to bring food. Thank you for making our lives easier.


Anonymous said...

I so wish we were in Dallas and could help. At least we have prayers.
René and Murf

Anonymous said...

Steve & Tyra,

Please know there are so many people praying for all of you ... we're keeping you close in our hearts.

Jennifer W

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Steve. My father was diagnosed with GBM in April and has been getting Avastin + CPT-11 since Oct. 1. In November, an MRI showed "improvement" which made all the effort worthwhile.

One bit of advice. His doctors prescribed Zofran for nausea (8mg tablets). Initially, he waited for the nausea to come before taking it. Now, he takes the Zofran every 6 hours immediately following treatment for 3 days and the post-treatment nausea was reduced significantly. Check with your doctors, but we found taking Zofran early and often helped prevent the nausea rather than taking it in response to it.