Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Clean X-ray

Steve narrowly avoided a hospital stay today. His low pulse-oxygen level, shortness of breath, crackling, wheezing and cough worried Dr. M and the internal medicine doctor she brought along with her. Dr. M said they were prepared to admit him.

His chest X-ray came back clear, though. Woo hoo!

So instead of checking into a hospital room tonight, we are thrilled to be in our cozy home with our sweet babies. (And we came home to a delicious dinner, created by one of my high school friends rediscovered on Facebook. Thanks, Angela!)

The doctors think Steve has reactive airway disease -- perhaps a virus that's caught in his chest. Tonight he'll start breathing treatments, which require a nebulizer, to more quickly relieve his symptoms.

The Frisco medical supply store that carries nebulizers was closing as we were in traffic on the Tollway, so we thought he would have to wait until the morning. But then the Spears family came to the rescue! They're letting us borrow theirs for the night.

He'll also begin using an additional steroid.

Dr. M was, of course, relieved that Steve hasn't aspirated and that he shows no signs of pneumonia. And she was delighted to see how well Steve is walking and using his left arm. She wrapped us both in big hugs.

She says she doesn't like to overstate anything, but that she feels confident that the combination of Avastin and CPT-11 is killing cancer cells. Another miracle for Steve!

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Natalie Willis said...

Great news all the way around!! Keep those miracles coming!!