Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Steve in the Dallas Observer

This week's Dallas Observer hit newsstands today. Inside you'll find a column by Richie Whitt about brave Steve and the Damm Spot.

In case you can't find a copy, you can read the column online. Click here.


Layne said...

What a great read, I recommend having tissues at the ready!

Lives will be touched in Dallas tomorrow.

rob powell said...

What a great article. I read every word....and remembering too.

Darla said...

That was simply beautiful. (And I should have listened to the recommendation to have tissues ready.)
One of the best parts:
"The Damms' outlook and attitude is truly inspiring. Unfathomable, really. Makes the rest of us self-absorbed schmucks feel entirely silly for obsessing about trivial things like the virtues of Rent on high-school drama stages or getting all indignant over Sean Avery's "sloppy seconds."
Amen to that.

Laura said...

What a wonderful article! Steve even though we all have not seen you in a long time (way too long), I hope you and Tyra (what a rock you are girl!) will not hesitate to ask us if any of the MMB family can help out. Hang in there and you have all our thoughts and prayers!! Yuba!

Cheryl said...

What a nice column. Steve & You are awesome people. We love you so much.
Love you,
Uncle Tim & Aunt Cheryl

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful article about a truly special family.

noelgross said...

Awesome article. Hope you weren't misquoted. Never trust a journalist. ;-)