Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tales from the week, Part 2

Before Thanksgiving, Sarah and John helped me wrap all the gifts I had already purchased.

I never did get to the rest of the gifts, the ones I bought after Thanksgiving. Liz and Holly came to the rescue.

On Monday night, Liz came to the house and helped me sort presents. She took them all, plus some supplies, and wrapped them the next day at her house (before she even wrapped her own family's gifts). Then she handed them off to Holly, who spruced them up with beautiful ribbons and bows.

Holly delivered them all to our house on Christmas Eve, putting them under the tree before we came home.


The only family member who was slighted was Margie. Poor dog. I usually shop for pets at the last minute, and this year I ran out of last minutes.

Stephen and Leslie had been offering to do anything, so I asked them to be Santa for Margie. They delivered more toys than could fit in her stocking! Cooper was especially excited that Santa had been so generous.


How many grande Starbucks drinks are too many in one day?

Apparently I can handle at least three! One day this week, I bought one on my way into the hospital. Sharon delivered another in the early afternoon. Then Betty and Uncle Jim brought another as a sweet surprise in the late afternoon.

I drank all three and was still able to sleep that night. I don't expect to re-create the experiment any time soon.


Yesterday we received a beautiful hand-written card from the Littles, friends from church and Sunday school who moved two years ago. They included an incredibly generous and most unexpected gift.

Steve and I were both weepy. Cooper wanted to know why, and we told him.

"I think I know why they sent it, Daddy," Cooper said. "It's for your health care." (This coming from our sweet boy who until the past few weeks didn't even want to acknowledge aloud that Steve has been ill.)

He ran off and returned a few minutes later with a sign that he created: God Bless Steve.

Then he stood on our bed and taped the sign above our headboard.

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