Sunday, December 7, 2008

Guest blogger Liz: Cheer on Steve's team!


One week from today, the See Spot Run Team will be hitting the streets of Dallas in honor of our dear friend Steve Damm!

For months the runners have been diligently training for their opportunity to support Steve. Now, it's time for the support crew to prepare.

We need to have as many supporters as possible lining the course, cheering on our team! As it stands now, we have about 16 people running the half, one running the whole, and two relay teams running the whole.

To make this as easy as possible, we'd like for supporters to spread out along the course. We suggest picking an aid station from the map at the link attached and email me with your preferred location so we can let the runners know to keep an eye out for you. When you look at the map, the aid stations are indicated by red dots. Those are the locations we'd like you to pick from. However, your support is much more important than your location so if you have a favorite spot or a place that's works better for you, by all means, show your support however and wherever you can.

The map is located at the following address:

We don't want everyone bunched up at the beginning of the race so if you can find a station or location towards the end of the course, I'm sure the runners would appreciate it. Your encouragement is VERY important during the final miles!

All the runners vary in speed. Some run eight minute miles, some 12. Please keep that in mind as you choose your spot because that will give you some idea of when you should arrive and how long you might want to stay. You don't just have to cheer for our team, I know EVERYONE out there would appreciate a little support.

Anyone and everyone reading this who would like to support the team is encouraged to reply.

The team colors are yellow and blue with a grey ribbon representing brain cancer awareness. If you'd like to wear yellow, that would help the runners know that you're there for Steve. If you'd like to make a poster then maybe a yellow one with the team name See Spot Run would be awesome!

What supporters need to do:
1.Download or view the map at the link above.
2. Choose a location from the course map.
3. Email Liz at and let her know about where you'll be standing.
Please check back often for updates.

For those interested, Steve and Tyra will be staying at the W Hotel near the American Airlines Center the night before. If you would like to come to the start of the race, Steve and the runners will be in the lobby of the hotel at approximately 7:30 a.m. Look for the team in the yellow shirts.

We're only days away from the big event. Let's all show Steve and the team just how much we support them and their accomplishments!!!

-- Liz

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