Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (13)

From Robin in Richardson:

I was at the Starbucks in Richardson off of Campbell Rd and someone stepped up and paid for my coffee and gave me a piece of paper with info about this blog. He told me someone paid for his meal at Subway earlier in the day and he was just passing along the kindness by paying for my coffee. I’ll be sure to do something nice for someone today or tomorrow. I’m sorry for your loss, but it seems like Steve’s legacy is still going strong.


From Kelly in Frisco:

Paid for admission for several people after me.


From Kathy in Frisco:

A little treat for this kind lady who greets everyone at the dance studio!


From Tim in Plano/Frisco:
Breakfast spread for front office in appreciation for all they do.


From Emily in Frisco:

I posted a few of these around school. (and I gave some compliments away)


From Michele in Frisco:

For the 47 acts of kindness Greyson dropped off 5 cups of Starbucks lattes to the fireman and chief at Fire house 7 and a $25 gift card to Tom Thumb so they can purchase food.


From Mary in Bedford:

I left a couple of Starbucks gift cards (attached to 47 Acts of Kindness fliers) at the Starbucks kiosk at the hospital near our house. I asked the worker there to give them out to whoever she chose. I’m hoping that whoever gets them — whether it’s a hard-working hospital employee or someone spending a long day at the hospital with a loved one — will get a lift from them. 


From Amber in Plano:

Today on my lunch break, I bought a five-pack of Starbucks gift cards, loaded them with $5 each, then walked into the Barnes and Noble next door. For the next 20 minutes, I surreptitiously wandered the store and hid the cards in books that mean something special to me. Each gift card also had the smaller card explaining Steve’s story — my hope is that whomever buys the books (Harry Potter, The Secret, Girl on the Train, Sophie’s World, and Outliers, if you’re curious) decides to pass on an act of kindness, too, no matter the time of year.


From Karen in Carrollton:

My mom was living at Carrollton Atria assisted living.  She passed away two days ago.  My sister and I wanted to thank people that worked there in honor of mom.  We gave a JoAnn's gift card to the activities director to purchases things for arts and crafts activities. We also gave a gift card to the lady that takes care of the bird aviary because mom loved to watch the birds. Happy Birthday Steve!


From Kathy in Carrollton:

It was with much pleasure that the '47 Acts of Kindness' flyer and a Sprouts gift card was given to one Sprouts cashier, a man in line behind me that was being so very patient during a long wait, and a customer walking into the store.  


From Melissa in The Colony:

Bought breakfast for a coworker who was having a rough day!


From Shilpa in Plano:

Sent a lot of personal notes to all the folks I work with her and got some treats. 
Got a gift for my friend, Jaya who helped me through my illness and for a few other friends at work.

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