Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (2)

From Kristen in Frisco:

I appreciate all my co-workers and am very lucky to have all of them in my life.


From Brandie in McKinney:

Spreading kindness at work today.


From Liz in Denver:

Delivered treats to the office at my daughter's school this morning and shared the story of Steve #dammkind


Update from Audra in Frisco:

I am happy to say that because I brought in breakfast tacos to work this morning, one of the guys was inspired today and wanted to do something special for someone else. He purchased 10 peoples coffee in line after him at a local coffee shop.

and ...

Today was trash day in our neighborhood and my son put back eight of our neighbors trash cans so they could drive into their driveway after work. I love this kid!


From Uncle Jim in Arlington, Va.:

Arlington County Fire Station #7 - the guys who take care of my neighborhood. Thanks and enjoy! 


From Sandy in Dallas:

Buy a drink on me!


From Linda in Dallas:

I delivered turtle brownies to my awesome, hard-working co-workers and a cup of coffee to one who fell off a bike.


From Cyndi in Carrollton:

We stopped by Kroger this afternoon and bought 4 gift cards of $5 each. I left them with Dale to hand out at random. He was pleased to be able to do this, especially after he read the explanation. He said there were going to be 4 very happy people today.


From Paul in Ann Arbor, Mich.:

Thing 2 and I took 20 balloons to the great staff and residents at University Living, where they take great care of my mom. Lisa at the front desk was doubly excited because Friday is her birthday. Thanks to all the wonderful people there.

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