Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (6)

From Debbie in Frisco:

While visiting a family member in the hospital, I came by a lady who was waiting for the elevator beside me. She spontaneously told me why she was there and that she had driven from Roanoke for her daughter who was in the hospital. She needed to go home tonight to be with her little one, but would return early in the morning to be with daughter before she had her surgery. I gave her a Starbucks gift card knowing she would need the coffee in the morning to start her long day. 


From Julianne in Frisco:

Took lunch to the middle school coaches yesterday, bought lunch for the car behind me today, left my Sonic carhop an extra big tip and made a donation to the Birthday Party project after getting to hear about the awesome things they are doing! (Thank you KT!!)


From Kerri in San Diego:

My colleagues at my new job are amazing and make me happy to be here. (Not to mention they are all part of incredible animal conservation). I treated them to vendy-land today. I also learned that a dear colleague/friend lost her husband to glioblastoma and I was happy to share 47 Acts of Kindness with her.


From Lisa in Frisco:

Had to stay close to home with a sick little one but managed to pull 5 neighbors' trash cans up before they got home tonight. Had a wonderful day reading about, and being a recipient of, the good being done in Steve Damm's name.


From Nancy in Dallas:

Helping make 96 dozen tamales to be sold to help fund our food pantry and serve homeless clients.


From Amy in Oklahoma City, Okla.:

My daughter Haley gave SONIC gift cards out while she was working today. It's so nice to see smiling faces.


From Jenny in Frisco:

Actually cooked dinner. Homemade Swedish Meatballs.


From Kim in Frisco:

Left a little something for our mailman today to brighten his day.


From Robin in Frisco:

Jade made cupcakes for her teachers and I brought sonic drinks and snacks for some extra stressed out teachers. Great day! ‪#‎dammkind‬

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