Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (5)

From Uncle Jim in Arlington, Va.:

Did my Metrocard "drop" at Reagan National Airport. Metro has gone paperless (smart card like London and New York) - providing a $6 card gets the visitors to DC on their way quickly. One gentleman is in the military and this is his first time in DC - I received a hearty handshake and a "For Steve" as thanks. (Also helped a few folks with the card vending terminals) 


From Shannon in Frisco:

Brought GOOD coffee to the Newman staff today!


From Dean in Sulphur Springs:

Took a stack of 47 Acts cards with me thru the Whataburger drive-thru at lunch today. Madison, the cashier (whom I know from my Sunday visits), teared up as I told her about Steve and how we are celebrating his birthday. Then I bought lunch for my worship leader and the guy in the truck behind me. Not sure how far the good deed was passed, but I'll ask on Sunday when I see Madison again! This day always makes me smile ‪#‎dammkind‬


From Beverly in Frisco:

I so enjoyed spreading a little Steve-love all day! I started this morning by leaving money and cards at Snug on the Square, where I was meeting with friends. I checked back with the barista before we left, and she said people were very pleasantly surprised! She was amazed, however, when people took the card, but wanted to pay for their coffee to keep the giving going! In addition, we shared a special moment when she told me that her husband also died of cancer five years ago.💗
This afternoon, I had fun delivering my favorite pumpkin bars to all of our immediate neighbors. They were all very surprised and interested in hearing Steve's story. I did have to "test" them to make sure all was well before giving them away! smile emoticon
Thank you for creating such a beautiful event to honor such a special man! It was truly a joyous day! Sending love and hugs to you, Coop, and KT! 

From Kristen in Frisco:
Excited to treat my friend to a Starbucks and anyone that orders after us. 
Happy birthday Steve.


From Alyssa in Plano/Frisco:

Our front office ladies work so hard to support everything we do at school. I sent them Tiff's Treats this afternoon for a warm pick-me-up!

and ...

I shared a bit about Steve's story and shared candy with my students!


From Liz in Frisco:

I love the library, it is my happy place. In honor of Steve's birthday today I brought Dimples cupcakes to the librarians at the Frisco Public library.


From Rebekah in Ann Arbor, Mich.:

My contribution to the men of the UM sheet metal emoticon #dammkind


From Lauren in Frisco:

Left an extra tip for the Sonic worker.


From Laura in Seneca, S.C.:

Our second act of kindness today: my husband brought in a catered lunch of subs and cookies from Jimmy John's for his whole outpatient OR nursing staff! They all work so hard and he appreciates them and the great care they give his patients. He shared Steve's story and they were all so touched! #dammkind


From Jennifer in Frisco:

Left these for our amazing custodians at Hosp Elementary School in loving memory of Steve Damm!!


From Heather in Plano/Little Elm:

Brought several dozen donuts for the office and handed out dozen Target gift cards to those that needed a little pick me up.


From Aunt Marilyn in Charlottesville, Va.:

I celebrated Steve's memory and his birthday by taking my friend Nancy to lunch and sent another friend flowers to brighten her day.

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