Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (14)

Cooper, Katie and I celebrated Steve all day.

I gave small gifts of granola bars and markers to fellow staff members.

Cooper gave Starbucks gift cards to all of his teachers and band directors.

Katie put together treat bags for every child in her homeroom class.

We gave Starbucks cards to strangers at Tom Thumb.

We bought dinner for a kind couple at Subway.

Katie also chose The Birthday Party Project as our big family project for today. TBPP is a nonprofit based in Dallas that hosts birthday parties for children who live in shelters or care agencies. We've been big fans of the nonprofit since its founding more than four years ago.

On Sunday, Katie had great fun shopping for toys, gift wrap and party goods. The only problem: How to get the gifts to TBPP on Steve's birthday. We couldn't make it to Addison after school.

Julianne to the rescue! She volunteered to deliver the gifts and was fortunate enough to meet Paige, TBPP's founder.

Thank you, all, for joining us in celebrating Steve!

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