Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (1)

The Baumgardners in Carrollton baked cookies and shared them with teachers. The note below is from Mrs. E.

Those cookies are so wonderful that I wanted to share them with my team.  We would love to have that recipe unless it’s an old family secret or something like that. Thank you so much for the kind gesture, I am sure that Steve Damm would love what is being done in his honor and legacy.

Have a wonderful day.

From Cheri in Bryan/College Station:

Our family chose to be anonymous in one of our giving acts today... We purchased 10 free drinks at Sonic this morning to help local folks headed to work get their caffeine fix for free. I know they appreciated it, but I think the Sonic worker appreciated it more! She was so excited that she was giving away drinks, her face beamed! Adam created a goodie bag for his Wednesday night church teacher who he said never has a bad day and always has a smile. He wanted to thank her for caring for all the kids to help them get through the week! (He's giving it to her tonight.)


From Laura in Tarrant County:

I bought a grocery gift card while shopping today and decided to give it to the first person I saw on the way out. It was a young mother and her son. I told her why I was doing this, and she asked about Steve. 


From Kathleen in Raleigh, N.C.:

Devin and I shared a dozen Acts of Kindness this morning with The Ravenscroft School in Raleigh NC to help honor the memory of her old classmate Cooper's dad. 


From Audra in Frisco:

Madeline is going to surprise some and make their day extra sweet with a bag full of goodies! Love this girl!

Breakfast tacos for my work family!


From Shilpa in Dallas: Bought coffee for two folks behind me at Starbucks! Just getting started. Got lots of stuff for folks at work.
Did not curse and show my middle finger to the jerk behind me who honked on the road. That counts too! Not getting irked or provoked!! smile emoticon happy birthday Steve!


From Kristen in Dallas:

Ready to hand out today! Each kiddo is going to give one to an adult at their school/daycare and I have smaller packets to hand out throughout the day. Should make for some interesting stories tonight.


Leaving chocolate and a note for my son's awesome drumline director, and my boss. #dammkind


From Danielle in Frisco:

Breakfast tacos for the Hosp staff!

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