Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (3)

From Jana in Frisco:

Delivered breakfast to 6th and 4th grade teachers. Also treated 2 customers in line without knowing one was a coworker.


From Kelly in Frisco:

Just surprised the lab lady doing Jack's strep test with a little bundle of kindness (my favorite peppermint pretzels)! Jack got to choose and he asked her if she liked peppermint then chose her.


From Brigid in McKinney:

Let three cars in the carpool line go ahead of me. 


From Emily in Frisco:

Levi delivered cookies and a cake to the fire station by our house in Steve's honor.


From Melissa in Helotes:

My favorite Girl Scout & I just found out a few days ago about Daisy's Closet & Cupboard, a program run by Girl Scouts of SW Texas serving San Antonio individuals & families in need of food, clothing & basic hygiene assistance for 24-48 hr emergencies. We will be donating food, girls' clothing and lots of travel size toiletries next week when they are open! Pic of my fave Girl Scout & Steve Damm's goddaughter, Carys. smile emoticon ‪#‎dammkind‬


From Aunt Ami in Austin:

On my way to work today, I yielded to any drivers trying to break into traffic on my stop and go ride to work, smiled and waved.
At my allergist office, while in the waiting room, I could not help but overhear a very angry and rude gentleman raise a fuss at the sweet receptionist and other staff members at the front desk, then he stormed out saying he'd never be back. When I checked out I complimented the same receptionist on always being sweet, professional and for always taking great care of me. Oh, and I bit my tongue so I didn't say something regrettable the rude man.
After that I headed to the post office. First, I ducked into the Great Harvest Bread Company a few doors down and bought some pumpkin spice muffins for the clerks in the post office. I expressed to the same sweet lady that has waited on me for many years now, how much I appreciate her pleasant smile and professionalism when taking care of everyone. Also brought some of those yummy pumpkin muffins back to the office for our staff to enjoy!
Days not over yet!


From Jasmine in Frisco:

1. Left deserts to Tyra Damm family porch.

2. Delivered coffee when I picked up my laundry. 

3. Visited DJ's old daycare and delivered coffee and desert to one of teacher/my friend.
From Gaya in Frisco:
I bought this sweet lady from Concentra Urgent Care her groceries at Kroger.
From Uncle Jim in Arlington, Va.:
Bought some Chick-Fil-A gift cards and left with a manager for her to distribute at random.

From Shantel in McKinney:
2nd Act of Kindness: double act - treated my daughter & her friends bc they are awesome in our morning carpool to school without drama to Orange Leaf Yogurt which is owned by a neighbor where we all live!!! So giving to neighbor's business also!

From Tifani in Rockwall:
Delivering some surprise flowers to one of our favorite Meals on Wheels recipients Ms. Katherine to celebrate Steve!

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