Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (7)

From Parul in Carrollton:

For Steve, Tyra, Cooper & Katie ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚! Coffee for coworkers #dammkind. Thanks for letting me a part of your wonderful world and reinforcing the good that still exists!


From Debbie in Plano:

The kids and I brought some treats to our taekwondo studio today for our random act of kindness. We are always amazed at how hard they work and how much they care about our kids! They were super surprised and very excited to get them. They loved your story as well! Happy birthday Steve!


From Suzy in Carrollton:

In honor of my friend Steve Damm who would have been 47 today, passing on this quote to let you know how thankful I am for all of you in my life. I hope you can take a moment today to reflect on the people in your life...give them a big hug, kiss, email, phone call, etc...


From Leslie in Dallas:

In honor of Steve Damm's 47th birthday, I bought a family's dinner and donated to the NT food bank. It felt#dammgood to be #dammkind


From Amy in Dallas:

The kids are prepped and ready for their acts of kindness! Act 1: C made cupcakes for the school office. ‪#‎dammkind‬ ‪#‎cupcakes‬

A super-excited Safin chose to ambush Miss Bush's board with Auburn cheer. ‪#‎dammkind‬

Our favorite and final act of kindness in memory of Steve Damm on his 47th birthday: Give flowers to a stranger. This is one we do every year, and it always gets the best response. There's something about fresh flowers that really brightens a day. 


From the Hocking cousins in Philadelphia:

Tonight we surprised people at Giant with gift cards. We delivered some to the cashiers who are always kind and providing sunshine at the end of a long shopping trip and some to shoppers at the store who looked like they needed sunshine. And there was sunshine shining down on us too. Honoring Steve's life with kindness. ‪#‎dammkind‬
 The Hocking cousins


From Shannon in Rockwall:

Gave an extra big tip to the Sonic carhop. Handed out Starbucks gift cards to 2 customers at Starbucks. Bought food for the car behind me at Chick-Fil-A. I plan on doing a few things tomorrow that I didn't get to today.... It brings me joy to be able to honor Steve by making someone's day a little brighter.


From Elissa in Carrollton:

Mia and I really enjoyed spreading kindness after Girl Scout Meeting tonight together to our local Walgreen's employee & Joe's Pizza employee. #dammfun#47actsofkindness


From Michelle in Frisco:

I made a donation to Frisco Family Services in Steve's name. Thanks for letting us participate.


From Kindra in Frisco:

Sent Tiffs Treats to Bryson and Kyle his roommate at Texas today. Got clarification today that his roommates Father passed away aprox four years ago and his birthday was also today. His mother as does Tyra Damm are incredible strong mothers who lift us up and we are better people because they are in our lives. Thank you.


From Janet in Frisco:

Sarah and Emily enjoyed surprising 3 special neighbors with flowers and muffins on this wonderful day!


From Laura in Edmond, Okla.:

We left $4 in quarters on the vending machine at our YMCA to treat a few folks to a refreshing post-workout beverage.

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