Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (9)

From Amy in Richardson:

A surprised young man at a McDonald's drive-through is enjoying a $10 tip tonight.


From Brandy in Frisco:

Tyra, I had so much fun being a part of honoring Steve today. It was awesome to share Nothing Bundt Cakes with my amazing team and our special librarian! :-) As well as taking Tiff's treats to the caretakers for my mom. A five dollar tip at the sonic made one young man very happy. Hoping to find a few more ways tonight to share 47 Acts of Kindness. Thank you for inviting us to take part!


From Aunt Melane and Uncle Greg in Anna:

Greg and I went to Anna's truck stops and gave Subway gift cards to truckers. We came across this truck and figured this unfortunate driver might especially appreciate one. His truck is the one stuck in the culvert. He did appreciate it and told us his father passed away from cancer.

We also went to Brookshire's to purchase a Starbucks gift card, then gave it to our cashier, who happens to be the sweetest, most genuine person you will ever meet.


From Karen in Atlanta, Ga.:

We made a donation to the International Rescue Committee:
We love this annual tradition and you!


From Jessi in Mountain View, Ark.:

We gifted a few shares of a goat in Steve's memory with hopes of helping a family in need.  We've fallen in love with raising goats over the past couple of years, making this Act of Kindness especially heartwarming and significant to us.


From Mel in Lubbock:

Vera, Thomas and I took restaurant gift cards to Cook Children's Hospital cardiac unit for use by parents of kids there who need a break from the hospital routine. It carried a double meaning for us. First, in memory of Steve. And, also, in honor of Thomas' cousin Evin Paige Armstrong who needed heart surgery immediately after her birth two years ago. She's now a happy two-year-old and rambunctious as she should be.


From Stuart, Lisa, Hannah, and Henry in Rockwall:

$100 donation to the North Texas Food Bank


From Kelly in Frisco:

As I traveled to my three campuses today: Corbell, Carroll and Fisher Elementary, I brought a treat to each receptionist (a job that holds a special place in my heart). Spreading kindness brings such joy.  Happy Birthday, Steve!


From Usha in Frisco:

I took Sonic drinks to front office staff @ Pearson Middle School!!! Made my day to do this!!!


From Lil in Frisco:

Happily gave out Whataburger gift cards at Walmart and Target. Warmed my heart in sharing in memory of Steve's bday! A wonderful way to honor him!!!


From Katie in Frisco:

Loved taking part in this special day again!! Gave a Walgreens cashier a gift card and the kids gave their teachers sweets with a little note.


From Aunt Melane in Anna:

Molli made a candy bag (including the good candy) from her trick or treating loot and took it to a friend who didn't go this year.

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