Wednesday, November 4, 2015

47 Acts of Kindness (8)

From Nicole in Frisco:

Went to a Target Starbucks in Richardson. Left 3 gift cards with notes on them with the girl at the register asking her to give them to the next 3 people that came. I sat anonymously in the corner and watched the joy on their faces when they received them!! The giving is as great as the receiving!!


From Emma in San Antonio:

I was able to buy a lady's dinner in line at chick fil a this evening. It was exciting to be able to share Steve's story with that lady as well as a couple of people who worked there! Happy I could participate this year!


From Rachel in Frisco:

Sarah and I passed out flowers to her teachers at Alphabest and to some our neighbors. So much fun!


From Scarlett in Carrollton:

Today I took Lake's Montessori teachers candy and Walmart gift cards. 
Wishing the Damm family the very best in honor of Steve's birthday!


From Aunt Marilyn in Charlottesville, Va.:

I was at the office getting ready to go home when the building custodian came in asking if I had any Excedrin - he gets migraines a lot - I ran out to CVS and got a bottle for him that he can keep in our supply closet and get to any time he needs it.
Lastly, I made a donation to "the Lemons Next Door" fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade Stand in memory of Steve. It's been a great day! ‪#‎dammkind‬!


From Lisa in Frisco:

Stopped on Panther Creek and let the carpool lane go out of LSH. Those waiting to leave thought I was crazy...flagging them to go ahead! Hope the day was great , Tyra, KT, and Cooper!


From Kelli in Frisco:

Mani/pedi gift card for the school custodian and fun pencils & eraser tops done secretly by Bro for his class


From Carol in Frisco:

Shelbey and I prepared fall decorations for a very deserving family without the funds for festive decor. Going to also bring food basket and some decorations to another family. Happy Birthday, Steve.


From Denise in Colorado Springs:

I just went to Walmart in our poorest area in Colorado Springs and bought the groceries for a lady with two babies on public assistance. I told her about Steve and all of you! Steve touched a family in Colorado tonight, make that two families!!! Sniff Sniff! Thank you for the amazing opportunity!


From Donna in Frisco:

Paid for the person behind me. I have always wanted to do that!


From Ria in Frisco:

I bought lunch and a gift card for a coach/teacher at Pearson Middle School who has been such a huge blessing to the students. I was thrilled to do something nice for him in Steve's honor. Love this tradition, Tyra Damm, KT and Cooper 

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