Monday, November 7, 2011

43 acts of kindness (part 17)


Act 1.  Took some dog toys and left them at the dog park for our furry friends.

Act 2.  Took my son's backpack up to school when he forgot it and didn't get on to him.

Act 3.  Donating clothes to Goodwill


I took my daughter and dog for a walk yesterday. We just started off walking but a large branch had fallen down in a neighbor's yard so I moved it close to the street and decided to pick up the trash I found on the ground.  I explained this to my daughter as my arms filled with trash.  We also threw newspapers to front porches.  Then we went to the park and continued trash pick up.  I enjoyed the work and we got a laugh when Rachel commented on pieces of pink boas (left over from the Komen walk), saying that must have been a strange looking bird!

I also learned to be prepared next time with gloves and a bag, trash is nasty!

Thank you again and happy birthday to Steve!


I know Steve's birthday is over, but the kids and I are still doing the things we didn't have time for on Friday but wanted to do for the occasion. Ben and I made fudge yesterday, Lil and I just delivered some to both of our new neighbors. Ben and I let the older gentleman behind us go in front of us at the store yesterday. 


Since I'm living in France, I was struggling with a way to perform a random act of kindness here. The culture is a bit different - no tips to double, no drive-through Starbucks to pay for the car behind you, no mailman from my childhood home to bake cookies for. I was waiting all day for the opportunity to present itself, and by evening, I was disappointed that I hadn't done anything! That night, my best friend from home called me; we hadn't talked on the phone or on Skype in weeks (both of our schedules have been busy). I had plans that evening, but got home as quickly as possible in order to call her back on Skype to be there for her as she told me about a tragic event that had occurred the day before to a family that she knows. Although it wasn't random, and it wasn't really a specific act of kindness, it was a reminder of the friendship I have with this dear friend of mine and that being there for your friends, even when busy, is a very important thing to do.


We missed Friday but I wanted to let you know that our family will be participating in the acts of kindness tomorrow. (Finn was a bit under the weather.) We are spending the evening baking and going to deliver some goodies to our school crossing guards. Both gentlemen are in their 70s and are out there every day rain or shine making sure our kiddos in our school are safe. Always smiling and waving to everyone that passes by early in the morning or late in the afternoon. We will be doing this in memory of Steve. I have loved reading all of the inspiring stories and so many of them have brought tears to my eyes. 


My family went to dinner at Olive Garden Friday evening and as we were leaving, my daughter and husband held open the doors for several families and one large group entering the restaurant, giving the wait staff a much needed break during their busiest time.  The really cool thing about it was, I never really explained to them what I had signed up for.  It just happened, like it was meant to be.  Watching them doing an act of kindness on their own and without knowing the reason behind the mission helped me more deeply appreciate Katie and Cooper’s vision to honor Steve in this way. 


I gave an extra coupon to a shopper behind me at JoAnn's. And I gave two tickets to the Dallas Symphony to a friend who always does so much for others.


Laura and Brian said...

Bought coffees for my loyal PTO former officers who helped us run a very successful Fall Festival this weekend. Just as a little thank you.

Also, chased down and returned our new next door neighbor's (cute as a button) dog who escaped through their fence. A sweet little schnauzer girl named Reese :)

Rose Lovell said...

I helped take care of the triplets from church so their mom could gather all their belongings and head out of town for her grandmother's funeral this past weekend. Just spent the afternoon taking care of them again so their mom could attend another funeral of a friend who died of cancer. Thought of Steve and your family during my time with the active 17 month old angels.