Friday, November 11, 2011

43 acts of kindness (part 18)

I'm leaving a Whole Foods gift card in my mailbox for our letter carrier today.  She always is so nice and I don't thank her enough for what she does. 


I have been bad about my acts of kindness, cuz we've been mostly the recipients of superawesome kindness for the past week.

We lost power at 6:30 on Saturday, the 29th and still don't have it back. Aaaaahhhhh. And we're on well water, so with no power, we have no water.

But we've been bunking up at Alicia's fancy all-girls boarding school that's on generator power. There's a building on campus that was a dorm at some point and they're renovating it. It's like a little house, but there's no furniture. We're in a bedroom on air mattresses. For a few days, we stayed at some people's apartment on the floor which was so nice of them.

We were sick on the day of your acts of kindness challenge ... but we participated as a group with our Community Bible Study today. In one of the activities, the Community Bible Study children made a Thanksgiving card for a person in a nursing home. This went with the lesson on friends helping the paralytic get near to Jesus by being lowered through the roof. The cards were given to Crestview patients after leaders' meeting on Tuesday.


Jamie and I were touched by your suggestion of 43 Acts of Kindness for Steve's birthday and wanted to get in on the action.

Our friend Brittney is a single mom with two sweet little boys, Trey (second grade) and Brady (kindergarten). Both little boys have battled health problems over the past couple of years. Most recently, Trey, who suffers from epileptic seizures, spent 4 days in the hospital going through tests.

To bring a little fun and relief into their lives, Jamie and I provided them with a gift certificate to Studio Movie Grill along with some cash for treats while they enjoy their movie.


Gave away a bunch of old electronics (cd players, &c.) to anybody who walked by. It was like a Garage Free.


Bought coffees for my loyal PTO former officers who helped us run a very successful Fall Festival this weekend. Just as a little thank you.

Also, chased down and returned our new next door neighbor's (cute as a button) dog who escaped through their fence. A sweet little schnauzer girl named Reese :)


My husband paid for pizza for the family behind him at Papa John's.

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