Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We spent most of Thanksgiving break at Rich and Ami's home in Austin. (You can read about our traditional-yet-evolving feast here.)

On Friday we were joined by Tim and Cheryl and most of their crew of (adult) kids and grandkids. It was wonderful to spend time with family members we hadn't seen in a while. Cousin Jamie gave me an old photo (circa 1999, we think) that I'd never seen. 

The photo was taken in the Morgan's Point Resort living room of my beloved grandparents. Our theory is that we were playing charades -- it looks like Melane is writing phrases and Steve is thinking of phrases to write. (Games were a big part of life at Gramma and Grandpa's house.)

I love the photo for so many reasons, including some noted here. (You'll need to click on the photo for a larger view to appreciate all the details.) (And I've labeled the dolls as Barty & Batista, but that may actually be Antonio, not Barty.)

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